Friday, December 30, 2011

Alma Mater and Tannenbaum

Yes, I know, I missed last week.  My apologies.  But I have been frightfully busy.  This has been a joyous time for me, one of great excitement and breaking fnords.  And not just for the usual holiday reasons.

I became a college student not long ago, and I am still working out the wrinkles.  Trying to be sure that my prerequisite classes will fit the program I want, checking to see if I will have money in time to pay these people, and so forth. 

And then there was Christmas, with children and friends and family, and deftly dodging any obligatory social gatherings yet again.  It pleases my solitary nature.  

* * * * *
Using my actual name on my weblog might seem to fly in the face of that last.  In fact, there are certain rules of the Internet I routinely ignore.  But Lauren and I still seek a major publisher for our books (links to your right).  Thus I am much like the One Ring: for all that I claim no master, I want to be found.

However, there are certain matters of consideration regarding the privacy of others that I also prefer to follow.  For the most part, referring to my associates just by their first name works dandy.  And whether I am annoyed or pleased with the people I write about, only those who Know will Know, as they say.  But as time goes on, I’ll have things to write about, good and bad, pleased and frothing, regarding my chosen Institution of Higher Education.  And I’m sure that there are people there who would prefer to maintain a discreet distance from my comments, at least as far as out-of-towners might go.

I am therefore both pleased and triumphant to announce my enrollment as a full-time student in the internationally acclaimed halls of Wossamotta University. 

Ah, good old Wossamotta.  The ivory stairs, covered in carpet.  The sports fields, freely adorned with wandering athletes, scouts, and moose.  I can only hope and aspire that within the unscalable walls of this time-honoured bastion of learning, I, too, shall achieve the right and privilege to claim as my own the Alma Mater of Wossamotta U.

* * * * *

Looking back to my One Ring comment brings me to Christmas.  All families have their Christmas traditions, and we are no different. 

First, the Magnificent Offspring decorate the Christmas Branch (all right, it’s a small plastic tree) with an assortment of different knickknacks, some hand-made, some not.  No lights, please.  There are gifts under the tree for everyone, and the stockings are hung with care on the bookshelves.  We gather popcorn and cookies and sodapop and munchies galore.  And then, when the moment is right, we all gather round . . .

And we watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended versions, over a three-day period.

File:Foxtrot - Sauron Tree.GIF

It is, too.  And yes, our tree is topped with an Eye of Sauron.  Lidless.  Wreathed in flame.  Bless you, Peter Jackson.  You made Christmas a holiday again.

Tama Shud,

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