Monday, November 5, 2012

A Brief Gazette

Somebody please help me knock this thing out

I don’t have any heroes
Valiant and bold
I’m not riddled with self-loathing
And hostility is old
I’m not wired for self destruction
I’ve never been to jail
I’m not in love with innocence
I’m not convinced I’ll fail

I’m not recovering from addiction
Assault, illness, or abuse
I’m not depressed or hating life
I’ve never paid my dues
I’m not obsessed with pain
Or from the tough part of town
No one’s died near me lately
And I’ve never yet found God

Somebody please help me knock this thing out

As you probably noticed, there was no post last week.  I was otherwise occupied with the intricate details of my school life.

Well, all right, it wasn't that bad.  But ye gods it wasn't good.

A few weeks ago I ended up taking ill enough that I missed most of my studying time for my Body Parts and Functions Class.  For those of you who have never taken such a class, allow me to summarize: this is Hot Death.

I showed up for the exam, though I felt like a three-week-old tuna sandwich, figuring that any points were better than no points.  The Prof was cool, surprisingly cool.  He took me into his office and made me an offer: take the exams a week late (one week to study, plus the few days I'd already spent), and then take the next one on time (one week to study, no saving throw).  After that, I'd have two weeks per exam for study as usual.  Not having a brain made completely of tapioca, I said yes.

I got good grades on everything except the lab exams, which allows me to keep my "B" in BP&F.  But that was a two-week cram that I can assure you I am not keen on repeating.  Then I got all the rest of my classes caught up, took my Head Shrinking 101 exam (100%, say thank ye), got home, and collapsed in a smoking ruin.

I've been at the books, and trying to unsnarl the SNAFU of my degree-seeking aspirations, ever since.  More on that later.  For now I must withdraw: there is work to do and throats to cut.  Even if it turns out, as it seems currently, that the classes I am taking now will benefit me none at all - anything worth doing is worth doing beautifully.

See you next week.


(Migraine pic courtesy of; Bullwinkle is owned by Viacom these days, I think; tapioca bowl pic courtesy of; smoking ruin pic courtesy of  All rights reserved by those who reserve them.)

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