Monday, February 18, 2013

The Post That Wasn't There

Greetings, all.

Yes, it is true: I ended up missing last week's post entirely.  It was nothing catastrophic, there were just some school projects that took more time than I was anticipating.

But now I am almost caught up to where I want to be - or perhaps I should say when I want to be - and my merry tales of fortune and adventure should carry on shortly.  It won't be long.  I have to finish the tale of the Dead Rabbit after all, and there is poetry to compose and celebrations to attend, maidens to slay and dragons to avenge, and books and books and books to write.

The current deadline for Book III draft is this coming spring.  Our fans are some of the cleverest carbon-based life forms in the universe, and so I am confident that, like so many fans of other genres, you will abide with good grace while the final product is perfected.  Nothing haphazard is allowed past our steely gaze.

Soon all the scenes will be in place, the flow will be smoothed, and then it will just be a matter of editing.  Nothing too drastic, of course.  Rather, we will rely upon a gentle touch for a gentle world.

The delicate task of editing and rewriting.

Walk with grace,

(Building Rome courtesy of; Picture of Mother Kali is courtesy of  All rights reserved by original creators of art, or else those who have managed to haggle the rights away from them.  Whichever.)

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