Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Thought

Greetings, all.

I know this post is a little late.  I got wrapped up in my studies again and lost track of time.  But just the same, I would like to post an invitation.

My readers generally comment to my Facebook page regarding my posts here, but I would invite you all to make an exception if you would.  And those of you who don't usually comment, feel free.  And though this question applies chiefly to the US, I'd like to see if we can start a discussion on this including my international readers.

I heard some time ago that folks were looking at making the Library of Congress a digital database.  And it is no secret that funding for education in the US gets slashed more every year.  Recently, I was grabbing ebooks for my new Kindle (thank you, Dormouse!) and I thought a thought.

What if the Library of Congress maded all non-copywrited works available for download?  It would take time to arrange, of course.  But they could sell ebooks for a small fee each, or charge a monthly membership, and have all proceeds go to fund education.  No, it wouldn't be a huge amount... but every little bit helps.

So there is my idea.  I invite all of you to post your thoughts, knowledge, and whatever else on this.  If it can be hammered into a workable concept, I'll propose it properly.

Are you game?

Sometime again,


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