Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Laughs, Then Leaps Underfoot

The Tigress' cat, Loki, has finally passed on.  It was about midnight, but he'd been slipping all day.

He came to the house when he was just a kitten, and was well-named for his mischievous nature.  Actually, the above image is a pretty good likeness.  He was a comfort in times of strife and a source of strife in times of too much comfort.  He would unplug students' alarm clocks, and lick away the tears when someone skinned their knee.  A guardian to our children when they were infants and to our house, he would curl up with them as they slept or sit at attention for hours on end outside our door, daring any nightmare or fiend to come close.  

Tonight he is gone, old age having taken him at last.  He was eased into his journey by the presence of friends and family, and buried in the back yard next to the medicine wheel.  After the rest of the house was asleep, I went outside and mourned in private.  And now I honour his memory.

Good journey, old man.


(Tombstone pic courtesy of, original artist ~Jessception.  All rights reserved.)

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  1. Thank you, i needed both the laugh and the tears. This weekend i will be getting some stones and maybe a rose bush to plant at his gravesite. I hope to gather the household and tell a few Loki stories in a sort of informal wake to. I hope you will be able to take part. *hugs*