Friday, December 25, 2015

Back to Independent Publishing

Well, Lauren and I have parted ways with Kensington Gore.

It was a difficult decision on all fronts, but ultimately it just wasn't as good a fit as had been hoped. I still recommend checking out the authors there, and wish them all very well.

But, while this is disappointing turn of events, this has been an exciting and memorable ride, as well as a learning experience. Knowing what we know now, we have returned to indie publishing with zeal.

So, with the coming of the new year we also have our books available in new links. The magnificent artwork of Ms. Erin Keslo remains with us, and our excitement for our stories has never been stronger.

And meanwhile, Books I and II are still on Amazon as e-books, though once again exclusively under our banner. You can also find them on Smashwords, which in turn distributes to Barnes and Noble, and other retain outlets.

The Order of the Four Sons on Amazon
The Order of the Four Sons on Smashwords

Carcosa on Amazon
Carcosa on Smashwords

This coming Monday, as promised, Steven Ramirez answers eight questions for me on his series of novels, Tell Me When I'm Dead. Until then, Merry Christmas to you all, and enjoy the changes of the new year!

Sometime again,

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