Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Quest for Fame and Fortune

Coyote KishpaughAnd lo, here is my Amusing Tale.

Some time ago, when I was first trying to get a Facebook account, they would not allow me to use my own name.  Nor was I, at the time, given any recourse against this particular brand of silliness.  My co-author Lauren was kind enough to create an account for me, and used the name of a character from our books, Christophe Ecarteur. 

Shortly thereafter, I determined that I would begin shedding the habits of humility I had been acquiring over the years, and allow myself to become world-famous as my nature demands.  I am a distinctive person, after all, designed to be seen and remembered.  And fame does seem to be a step towards publishing these days.   So, in pursuit of this, I started getting out of the house more.

Come on, this is me.  How much more would it take?

Fast forward to recent times.  Since we’re wanting to promote our books, we decided, she and I, to try again.  As before, my name was rejected.  But this time I was offered a recourse: I could email them proof of my identity and they would allow me to use my own name.  After some predictable snarling and grousing on my part, I acquiesced with good grace to their demands.


Anyway, after finding that the local businesses flatly refused to scan any legal document or similar at all, I imposed upon Lauren and she was able to scan it at her work.  And so, with flash drive in hand, I started the process anew, to create (gasp!) a Facebook account in my own name.

About halfway through, a new message popped up, saying something like, “It seems you are trying to start a Facebook account for a famous person or celebrity.  We recommend you start a Celebrity Facebook Page instead.  Please click here to begin.” 

So I said, “Okay.”  :o)

So.  I have a Facebook page, under my own name, and Christophe Ecarteur is the sole Administrator.  XD  I’ll be working on it as time goes on, and using it to keep people up to date on my various nefarious doings.  Feel free to "like" it if you wish.  Something to help exposure is supposed to happen when I hit 25 "likes;" I’m not sure what.  But it should be fun.

Anyway, it certainly took them long enough.  Watch what happens when I start to travel . . .

Sometime again,

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