Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jackal, Ass, and Beast

I have heard your clarion call
And I have answered you from the hill
And I am here
In your hall
And I accept your offerings

I have heard your voices lifted up
In sorrow
In loss
In grief
In rage
I have heard you call to me
And thus have I come

I am the destroyer
I am the purifying tongue of lightning
And I shall cleanse your lands
Down to their bare, black bones

I don my armor, forged from the space between stars
Mine is the spear and the white bone sword
My eyes blaze with the call to war
I am here
I have come down to smite mine enemy
And destroy all who stand with him

am coming 
to kill

My spear is drunk with the blood of my foe
With my feet do I tread upon his neck
And crush him into the earth beneath my feet
I hear the weeping of those who thought
That I was here to serve
And could be called back from the slaughter at hand

You who have called me
Knowing who I am
Know you this as well
No one commands me
No one sends me forth
I am the destroyer of evil things
Turn to others for solace


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