Monday, January 21, 2013

First of all, my apologies to my readers for the delay in this post.  It should hit before midnight, Blogger Standard Time.  However, I did completely lose track of time.  I apologize, and have taken steps to avoid such things happening again.

Now with that out of the way . . .

Last Friday, Lauren and I went to a costume party.  It was being thrown by a friend of hers for a lovely lady's birthday, and the theme was The Nightmare After Christmas.  Undead preferred, characters from the Tim Burton movie even better.

So, of course I went as the Doctor.  After all, he's allowed everywhere.  Just ask him.  This was partially because I already had most of what I needed for the costume, partially because makeup is a challenge when you have my level of face fur, and partially because it's cold out there, and the costume is warm.

Oh - and Tom Baker's birthday was recent.  Though I didn't know that at the time, I'm sure that was a reason as well.  That's just how clever I am.  I plan for contingencies I don't even know about.

I went as Tom Baker's Doctor, specifically.  Though he was not my first Doctor (Peter Cushing - you never forget your first), he is solidly one of my favorites, and the first that I watched faithfully.

(For some reason, my Blogspot is not accepting my photographs at the moment.  I will remedy this when I can.)

I think I make a decent Doctor.  I went to the Salvation Army and picked up a few garments I needed, and the Tigress was kind enough to lend me her scarf.  In the process of playing around and being as social as I was able (with frequent trips to quiet corners for head space), I was able to determine that, yes indeed, I still look good in a splendid waistcoat.  I haven't worn a waistcoat seriously since . . . well, let's just say a long time.

So, now I am experimenting.  More vests and button-up shirts may be in my future, and I plan to re-earn how to sew so I can do maintenance on my future outfits properly.  And I know just what my first hand-made waistcoat should be.  I've already picked out the fabric, such a lovely harlequin motley . . .

I have been influenced by many doctors over the ages, as I think of it.  Doctor Who, Doctor Teeth, Doctor Strange, Doctor Seuss . . . perhaps next week I'll speak more on one of them.  But for now, I bid you all a fond fare-ye-well, and remain


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