Thursday, January 29, 2015


And so it came to pass, after ten years of work, that the talents of our heroes were finally recognized.  In a far off land, full of strange beasts and exotic customs, word spread of their exploits and the adventures of the heroes they crafted and the stories they told.  A labor of love, long neglected by the dark and sinister forces of publication, at last was lovingly taken up in the tentacles of an ancient and forbidden cult of lore-worshipers known only to the wisest of seekers, its name whispered of in the most horrified tones, known only as . . .

Love Gore

Yes, the rumors you have heard are true.  Kensington Gore is a publishing company in Britain, and has picked up The Order of the Four Sons for publication.  The contracts were signed by all parties and confirmed Tuesday.  Lauren and I are delighted to be aboard and excited to not only see our joint work finally chosen for publication, but also at the prospect of having our solo work in print.  Lauren always said we'd do well overseas.

Our books will be available from our new publisher starting with Book I: The Order of the Four Sons this coming spring.  Which means that hard copies of the self-published versions of the books will soon become collector's items, as Lauren is removing them from Amazon and Smashwords. 

Look for us and Kensington Gore in ebooks and in print, available online this Spring!
And there was much rejoicing!

Sometime again,

(Coyote in a party hat was attained from, who in turn got the original, hatless coyote from  All rights reserved by those who rightfully reserve them.  The picture of musicians I copied from, I'm not sure who they are but the weblog put them in context with the Royals; and Kensington Gore and its affiliates are owned by Kensington Gore.  All rights reserved by those who reserve them.)

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