Friday, September 25, 2015

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

The Order of the Four Sons

Yes, that's right, it has finally come to pass. The Order of the Four Sons, Book I, as distributed by Kensington Gore Publishing!

Re-edited by the brilliance of Lauren Scharhag and yours truly, this is the final-final release version. The "solid blue" edition is now out of print, though I understand a few sites are advertising it here and there.

(Which also means that those of you who possess the first edition printing have collector's editions. Congratulations!)

But this is the great beast that truly starts it all, reworked after years of writing on the rest of the series and discussion on the book where it all began. In fact, we added a few touches here and there, knowing what we know now about the O4Sverse and its characters.

Below you will observe the lovely and capable Kate West on our new cover, as rendered by the brilliance of Ms. Erin Kelso.

Even with the picture here saying its thousand words, it's difficult not to gush about how excited we are to be working with her. Lauren found her work on Pinterest, and Erin has graciously agreed to do covers for the rest of the O4S series!

And, speaking of the series...

Book II, Carcosa, is being edited even now. I had been anticipating its release this coming spring, but it turns out it should be ready December of this year. After that, we anticipate binge on a May / December pattern until release of Book VI in 2017.

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(Our books make great Beltane gifts and stocking-stuffers, by the way. Just saying.)

So, allow me to end my jubilant dance with one final shameless self-aggrandizement: You can order in paperback (with the gorgeous artwork!) or kindle at:

And once you read our books, please remember to leave a review. I cannot tell you how much it means to us.

So. Before you stands the Royal, and the secrets that wait within. Be brave. Enter. Your life will never be the same.

Sometime again,

 (Picture of a young lady reading courtesy of All rights reserved by those who reserve them.)

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