Monday, October 19, 2015

Hollywood Seems to Like O4S...

Lauren and I have been writing together for years now. And while it's been a magnificent ride, like most writers, we would like it even better if we could make a living from our work. With that in mind, I must say it's nice to know that professional writers are also reading our books. If that seems at all unlikely to you, please consider the following...

The series Penny Dreadful had Lady Bathory with the Egyptian Mythos. 

True Detective had the King in Yellow and Carcosa, and this season there's a character named Bassarides. 

Z Nation had characters named Garnett, Murphy, and Doc, along with a quarterback and a pale redhead.

American Horror Story had Lady Bathory in a hotel, kidnapping children and keeping them in an undead limbo.

You get the idea. You have to admit, that's a lot of coincidence in the span of a few seasons. Want to know who did it all first?  Here's a hint...

The Order of the Four Sons, 1st Edition
Original and Out-of-Print

So, if you haven't already read the 2005 tale of horror and urban fantasy, now is the perfect time.
The Order of the Four Sons, Book I

See What the Other Writers Read!

There is certainly satisfaction in knowing that our genius has inspired others. Of course, it could be just a wild coincidence. Perhaps we just happened to tap into some zeitgeist before the rest of them did. Maybe there was a mind leak. Perhaps it's all just synchronicity.

I blame Huey.

The Order of the Four Sons: we did it first. Now available from Kensington Gore Publishing.

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