Monday, May 9, 2016

And Now, a Random Gazette

I have now officially been accepted back into college after my hiatus to help the Dowager Empress with her living situation. With that, I should be able to begin classes again this coming fall.

And there was much rejoicing!

Fanfare: Sydney Opera House – Young Composers on High Alert! | The ...
There is also still time to enter the contest Lauren is holding to celebrate our release of Book III: Where Flap the Tatters of the King. If you weren't already aware, the winner gets autographed copies of Books I-III delivered to their door! (The initial offer was for one of your choice, but a misunderstanding on my part quickly became the winner's gain.) You can enter here, until the 15th.

The Order of the Four SonsO4S Book II: CarcosaWhere Flap the Tatters of the King

And yes, it's true: Lauren, my esteemed co-author and friend, is moving from the Midwest to sunny Florida. Her husband, Patrick, got a new job there. New adventures beckon from white sands and emerald waves, and they will make the perilous journey with only their wits and their Ferocious Beasts to guard them.

Bane of all the Technologeez.

But while this will give us a few challenges here and there, never fear. We will continue writing until the series is done, and perhaps even longer. One of the glories of modern technology is that distance is simply not the barrier it once was.

The Dowager Empress is preparing to dwell in her new and permanent home. Lauren is embarking on a new journey across the land. I return to academia, triumphant. In addition, I will have two of my Magnificent Offspring attending college themselves soon, shortly followed by the third. All this, and continuing formatting in preparation to release Book IV. This is a time of change and adventure for everyone, and I could not be more excited.

Coming soon: I will have the pleasure of interviewing author D. Allen Rutherford. Mr. Rutherford is the author of The Wargs Trilogy, as well as a former army officer and a retired international technology consultant. Until then, keep reading, keep living, and keep having adventures!

Sometime again,

(Trumpets picture courtesy of; photograph of the most ferocious of all possible beats courtesy of; the three covers for our books are, of course, by the ever-talented Erin Kelso. All rights reserved by those who rightfully reserve them.)


  1. So very proud of you and happy for the offspring also. Hope all goes well. Hear, hear! Well done my lord.